Convention Attendee Information

If you’re coming to Convention, here’s some helpful information and guides to ensure you know what to expect.


As we will be onboard a Cruise ship, an industry regulated by the Coast Guard, active-duty members will not be required, or allowed to be uniform as this would be perceived as a conflict of interest.

Disclaimer: Our trip was planned through a travel agency and we were given the normal group rates per standard ship billing. We have been given no favors or any extra privileges due to our military status. All convention attendees are required to wear civilian attire with CPOA logo shirts if possible.

2024 CONVENTION SCHEDULE (tentative)

On Monday, we hold a Luncheon to Honor our Past Presidents and Gold Lifetime Members who are in attendance. Although not mandatory, all are invited.

If you didn’t register, please contact our Convention Chair, Amy Ponce, and she will try to ensure you’re seated.

Robert’s Rules

What are Robert’s Rules? Robert’s Rules of Order parliamentary procedure is based on the consideration of the rights of the majority, of the minority (especially a large minority greater than one-third), of individual members, of absentee members, of all of these groups taken together. Sunday evening, Senior Chief Charlie Womack (ret) will hold a brief Parliamentary Procedures Familiarization and Convention familiarization session from 1800-1900.

Here’s a quick video 

Here’s a helpful, quick reference guide in .pdf format

Standing Rules

Fundamental Motions


Break out sessions

Breakout sessions allow teams to gather and discuss important Association matters that you may be interested in such as:

By-Laws – If you think the guiding structure of our Association needs to be amended/changed.

CCCAF – Our Association scholarship. Members come up with next year’s essay topic.

Budget – Member input on next year’s budget.

Convention – Input into where to hold future Conventions.

Long-Range Planning – The long-view look and recommendations for our Association.

Membership – All things membership, including how best to grow and increase membership.

Special Projects – Ideas on how Chapters and Branches can utilize our network to increase exposure to products/fundraising ideas.

CPO Academy – How best to continue to support the Chief Petty Officers Academy.

CGEA – All things CGEA. How to develop, mentor, and grow.

Convention Committee Reports

After the break-out sessions, one representative will need to write/type out a report on what the committee recommends and will present it to all attendees.  A thumb drive will be provided which includes previous Convention reports.

Here are the minutes from our 2023 Convention that includes Committee Reports.

Committee Reports


CPOA National Ops Man
Chapter Officer Guide