In Memoriam

When our sailing nears its ending
When our course is all but run,
When the scenes of past endeavor
Crown upon us one by one.
When we see in true perspective
Knowing wrong and knowing right,
May we say like all good sailors
I have fought a noble fight,
May we find our lifelong courses
Have not been steered in vain,
Lest the bearings we have plotted
Must be reckoned out again,
When we leave our earthly bodies
Buried deep in sea or sod,
May our endeavors be our glory
When we go to meet our god.

MCPO James L. Bridges SCPO Larry Polito
MCPO Darryld Lowen OS2 William Trapnell
TTCM Junius Clemmons CWO George K. Lloyd
YNC Angelo Cleffi QMCM Joseph D’Elia
BMCS Jack Crowley Mary Isherwood