Maverick Club

The Beginning!

Once upon a time, in August of 1994, in a place known as Seattle, Washington, the 26th USCG CPOA National Convention was in session and as was custom, the Hospitality Room was open for all to congregate, mingle and enjoy the camaraderie that was always present. Since the No Smoking rule was in effect, there was a gathering of smokers and non-smokers milling around just outside the Hospitality Room. One subject led to another, sea stories, air stories and non-sailors stories – they were all there!

Somehow, it was suggested that a new chapter be established. It could be done; there were Retirees, Silver Lifetime Members and a couple of Gold Lifetime Members in attendance. Everyone said, “Look at the Possibilities; a chapter consisting of those particular individuals, what an impact, what a statement.” Therefore, following the guidelines of the CPOA Constitution & By-laws, an application for a chapter was submitted to the Convention Board of Directors. The application was presented to the Board, and behold, it was voted to establish the “Maverick Chapter” but as with all CPOA conventions, Chief’s began talking with other Chief’s and a few bartenders. They asked themselves, “What Hath we Wrought? We hath certainly wrought something that ain’t wright. Look at the chapter! It has Lifetime Members, Past Presidents, Wannabe Presidents and others! They could literally control the CPOA.” Therefore, the wroughtfull ones asked that the partition for charter be put back before them for reconsideration. After very little discussion they unwrought themselves and the Maverick Chapter was never more.

Not being ones to admit defeat, the petitioners for the Maverick Chapter said “Hey, we were just kidding, we really just want to form a CLUB. It shall be named the MAVERICK CLUB”. Yea and verily then, it began in Seattle on the 23rd day of August 1994.

Eligibility for Membership:

  • Must be Retired
  • Must be a Silver or Gold Lifetime Member of the CPOA
  • Must donate $20.00 for a lifetime membership – at each meeting
  • Must be invited to join

In the beginning, only one Active Duty member was allowed. That was an Honorary membership. That Honor was extended to MKCM Doug Robertson because he possessed an 800-telephone number. Other Active Duty need not apply.


Charter Members Members Honorary Members
QMC Frank Albright
RDCM Bill Belch
MKCM Jim Bridges
BMC John Bunting
BMC Larry Carr
ETC Henry Cartlidge
ADCM Kenneth Cartlidge
YNC Alex Chapman
QMC Delmond Clark
MKCS Marshall Cooper
BMCS Jack Crowley
BMCM John DeLuca
YNCM Bob Gallagher
BMCM Walt Gore
MKCM Dave Isherwood
EMCM Lou Maher
ADCM Kenneth Norton
ENC Bill O’Farrell
RMC George Overmeyer
SKCM Rudy Palustre
MCPO Doug Robertson
MKC O. “Rod” Rodriguez
YNCM Adrien Rymer
BMCM Bill Schott
ATC Dick Wells
BMCM Bruce Bradley
PSC Patty Butler
MCPO Forrest Croom
QMCM Joe D’Elia
YNCM Edna Doak
YNCS Bruce Garrison
ETCM Tim Lackey
MCPO Curtis Leary
YNC Kim Lorigan
YNCM Frank Love
CPO Tim Mooney
YNC Jack Murphy
CWO Randy Reid
QMC Bill Segelken
SSC Gary Seifert
BMCS Bob Sennholtz
SKCM Myles Shaw
ATCM Tim Sheffler
YNC Jon Shipp
BMCS Tim Trimble
BMCS Charlie Womack
Rita Bunting
Monica McCormack