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The CCCAF Scholarship assists dependent children of CPOA/CGEA members in defraying expenses incurred at a university, college, or vocational school of acceptance. Applicants participate in an essay contest, with the subject having been selected at the CPOA/CGEA Annual Convention. A Committee consisting of CPOA and CGEA members reads and scores all submitted essays. Five grants in the amounts listed below will be awarded to the individuals submitting the top entries.

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As published in the January 1996 edition of The Chief…
Captain Anthony J. Caliendo, who retired in 1969 as Legal Assistance Officer at Coast Guard Headquarters, died of a cerebral hemorrhage Tuesday afternoon, October 6, 1970, at the U.S. Public Health Service Hospital, Staten Island, New York. Captain Caliendo was stricken while attending the Thursday, October 1st, morning session of the 2nd Annual Convention of the Coast Guard Chief Petty Officers Association. A former Chief Petty Officer himself, “Tony,” as he was referred to, helped form the CPO Association and continued to act as its Legal Advisor.

Captain Caliendo was born on June 18, 1903, in Chicago, Illinois, where he received his A.B.A. Degree from Crane Junior College in 1924, and LL.B Degree from DePaul University Law School in 1927. There he followed his own private law practice in partnership with Anthony S. Bruno at Chicago. After the bombing of Pearl Harbor, he enlisted in the U. S. Coast Guard Reserve on April 13, 1942, and obtained the rank of Chief Petty Officer (BMC) during World War II until his release on May 28, 1946. At that time, he returned to his law practice in Chicago, but still maintained an interest in the Coast Guard.

As a yachtsman, he was active in the Coast Guard Auxiliary—a civilian organization that helps the military Coast Guard promote safe boating—since its inception in 1939. Captain Caliendo was elected the first Coast Guard Auxiliary Commodore of Old Chicago District and was a Past Commodore of the Chicago Diverssey Yacht Club.

He Moved to Washington permanently in 1947 when he was appointed National Executive Secretary of the Coast Guard League—an organization founded in 1944 by active-duty members and honorably separated members of the Coast Guard who promote and preserve service traditions and the ideals of American freedom and democracy. He was elected President of that League in 1968 during its 24th Annual Convention in San Juan, P.R.
With the rank of Lieutenant Commander in the Reserve from November 30, 1949, he was recalled to active duty on September 8, 1950. At that time, he began his long career at Headquarters. First in the post of Assistant Chief, Auxiliary Division. Within a few months, he began acquiring additional duties as a legal specialist. He was named at that time Appellate Counsel on the Board of Review, Appellate Counsel to the U.S. Court of Military Appeals, and Liaison Officer to the Coast Guard League. In July 1954, he acquired the title of Chief of Legal Assistance, Legal Division.

He originally retired on 31 October 1963, with the rank of Captain, but was recalled to active duty the next day. After resuming retirement in 1969, he accepted membership on the Board of the Freedoms Foundation.

Captain Caliendo served more than 22 years in the Coast Guard and had more than a year of previous Army service. He was awarded the Coast Guard Commendation Medal for Meritorious Achievement while performing his duties as Legal Assistance Officer from 1950 until just prior to his retirement on April 1, 1969.

Captain Caliendo was cited for outstanding tact and diplomacy in his contact with the public, government officials, members of Congress, and other high dignitaries, and for his legal assistance to many Coast Guard personnel. He was also cited for his work as the Commandant’s representative to the Coast Guard League and as Liaison Officer for Coast Guard Affairs with the Navy League. He fostered the development of various programs supported by this organization in the furtherance of Coast Guard missions.

Captain Caliendo served as Legal Advisor to a number of other Coast Guard affiliates including the Coast Guard Auxiliary National Board, the Coast Guard Affairs Committee of the Reserve Officers Association, and the National Council of the Coast Guard Wives Club. In addition, he served as Counsel to the U. S. Court of Military Appeals, and as Legal Advisor on a number of military review boards and committees. He represented the Coast Guard at meetings of the American Bar Association.

Captain Caliendo, a bachelor attorney and boating enthusiast, maintained his residence aboard his private boat at the Capital Yacht Club in Washington, D.C. He was a member of the Capital Yacht Club for 23 years, a Past Commodore of that Club, a member of its Board of Directors, and its legal advisor. He was also a member of the Washington Corinthian Yacht Club.

On the 4th day of the CPOA’s 2nd Annual National Conference, Captain Anthony J. Caliendo became ill and had to be removed by stretcher to the infirmary at Governors Island. He was seen by a doctor and subsequently transferred to the USPHS Hospital, Staten Island, New York. Captain Caliendo never recovered and died of a cerebral hemorrhage on 6 October 1970.

With the passing of Captain Caliendo, mankind and our Association lost a true friend, warrior, and counselor. In thankful appreciation of the many services rendered to our Association, we dedicated a College Assistance Fund in his honor.


1st Place: Mr. Franklin Lincoln – $5,000
City/State: Renton, WA
Sponsor: OSC Andrew Lincoln (SE)
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2nd Place: Ms. Cassidy Segelken – $2,500
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3rd Place: Mr. Jack Albert – $1,000
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