Disaster Relief

General Description:

The Coast Guard Chief Petty Officers Association has partnered with the Coast Guard Foundation to form the Coast Guard Disaster Response Coalition to facilitate dissemination of monetary relief to Coast Guard families impacted by natural disasters.

Overall Management and Administration:

The Coast Guard Foundation has donation money set aside for grants in the event of disaster relief requests.

Upon a need, Coast Guard leadership normally deploys an on-site response team consisting of Active Duty Command Master Chiefs to help support Coast Guard families that have been impacted from a natural disaster.

The CPOA Executive Director is designated as the Point of Contact for all correspondence.

Disaster relief guidance and the online/printable form can be found here.

The CPOA President will solicit Chapters and/or Branches to review grant request applications.

Families in need can fill out the online form which will go directly to the CPOA Executive Director.

If you prefer, you can print and fill out the form, scan, and send to the Executive Director at: [email protected].

The Executive Director will then forward the application to the designated Chapter and/or Branch for review.

The Chapter and/or Branch will evaluate the application and either approve/disapprove the request (at times, more information may be necessary prior to approval).

If approved, the scanned grant application is sent via e-mail to the CPOA Executive Director ([email protected]).

The Executive Director issues the grant check, documents the payment, and sends the check to the recipient with a signed transmittal letter.