BMC Louis C. Licea


BMC Louis C. Licea joined the CPOA in 1970 and has been a continuous member since that time. He the second Silver Lifetime Member of our Association.

BMC Licea has rendered distinguished service in the following manner:

Records show BMC Louis C. Licea joined CPOA in 1970, continuous since that time, now holds Silver Lifetime Membership Number 2.

Chief Licea faithfully served Miami Chapter as its Vice-president 1975/76, President 1978/79, and Treasurer 1981/83.

Chief Licea has attended 19 National CPOA Conventions since 1974, representing Miami Chapter, either as its Primary or Alternate Delegate, and indicative of his dedication, at no expense to the chapter.

Chief Licea served on to many Committees to list here, his penchant was Membership and Delinquency and Retired Affairs. He served as Standing Committee Chairman for Membership and Delinquency in 1984.

While Chairman of Retired Affairs, Chief Licea was instrumental in promoting Headquarters to establish what we now know as Retiree Newsletter, as a means to keep retirees informed and pass pertinent information to them.

CPO Licea proudly wears the Cutterman’s Pin. His assignments were like a “who’s who” of CG Stations and Cutters.

Chief Licea is a Plank Owner of the US Navy Memorial.

Chief Licea has been awarded: The USAF Recruiting’s Outstanding Public Service Support Award 1981; Certificate of Appreciation – Mayor Metropolitan Dade County – 1981; Letter of Appreciation Bob Graham, Governor of Florida.

Chief Licea is also a valued member of the Fleet Reserve Association, Veterans of Foreign Wars and American Legion, all of which share common concerns with our CPOA.

On 21 January 1997, with a quorum present at a regular scheduled meeting of St. Petersburg Chapter, the resolution was read, debated, and adopted by a unanimous vote.

The Gold Lifetime Membership for BMC Licea was approved by the Board of Directors at the 29 Annual National Convention.