BMCM William J. Schott


cpoa_schottAt the 17th Annual National Convention in San Antonio, Texas, BMCM William J. Schott was awarded the highest honor our association could bestow upon any member, the CPOA Gold Lifetime Membership.

BMCM Schott served as Vice-president and President during one of our most precarious times, the association was confronted with declining membership, association stagnation, and financial disaster was looming. During his period, and at his own expense, he traveled from St. Louis, MO to Washington, DC to run the affairs of the association; a very time consuming and expensive situation but he did it without complaint. His only payment was occasional gas money when funds were available. He spent many evenings using the office floor as his bed, eating meals fixed on a hot plate, and drank coffee from a thermos.

During these trying times, BMC Schott used his skill and personal labor to construct a partition in the office and then rented the space. These extra funds helped reduce the rental cost the association had contracted for. He then reviewed the overall association expenses and cut every item as much as possible to keep the association solvent. In order to conserve the association’s limited funds, he used his home as a meeting place for the National Council and committee members, and provided them with free meals and transportation. All his hard work brought the association out of the disastrous situation it was in to where we are today.

BMCM Schott continues to serve on every important association committee to assure continued growth, to make sure policies adopted are sound, and to ensure we do not return to the catastrophes encountered during the association’s growing years.

As stated in the Resolution for his Gold Lifetime Membership, BMCM Schott has for many years administered to his fellow Coast Guard personnel, as well as other military servicemen and women, in numerous ways. He opened his home to families arriving for duty in the St. Louis area until housing could be found, provided necessities for arriving families to set up housekeeping, baby sat their children, and looked after their pets. He further assisted by providing transportation around the area for members who were trying to find housing or medical care and who could not afford to pay for cabs. His home, family, time and finances were given freely with no thought of repayment.

BMCM Schott is a charter member of our association and has served in every capacity at the chapter level. He has freely given of his time and effort toward the success of the CPOA since its founding and continues to serve with dedication and zeal. His presence is always noticed at every Annual National Convention where he ensures the association continues to grow and remain solvent. He exemplifies the leadership principles set forth in our preamble.

For his many years of unselfish devotion to his fellow chiefs, the association, community, and servicemen and women from all services, he was awarded the Seventh Gold Lifetime Membership. His tireless efforts are a credit to all Chiefs everywhere.