Dick Castor


cpoa_castorAt the 1995 Annual National Convention, the BOD voted to honor Dick Castor, Chief Administrator for the CPOA from FEB 77 to MAY 95, and his wife Barbara for their outstanding service to the organization. The honors included designating a “Dick Castor Day” at the 1996 Convention, designating him “Chief Administrator Emeritus” with this inscription engraved on a Gold Lifetime Member Card, and presenting him with a gold watch. Due to unforeseen circumstances, Dick notified YNC Shipp, then National President, that he and Barbara would be unable to attend the 1996 Convention. Since they could not attend the Convention, YNC Shipp made a trip to Durham, NC for the presentation. Also attending the presentation were Lou Maher, Steve Kendall, and Dan Loudermilk. In 1995, Dick was appointed an Honorary CG Master Chief Petty Officer, with the certificate signed by ADM Kramek and MCPOCG Trent. This certificate was presented to him in September 1995. Dick and Barbara, we are sorry you could not attend the 96 Convention but hope all is going well in your retirement years. The fast pace of life in Durham, NC must equal that of what you experienced in the Washington, DC area.