YNC Alex M. Chapman


YNC Alex M. Chapman joined the CPOA in July 1977 and has been a continuous member since that time. He is a Silver Lifetime Member of the Association who is assigned to the Mobile Chapter of the CPOA.

YNC Chapman has faithfully served the Mobile Chapter as President for 2 terms, Vice-president for 2 terms and Secretary for 2 terms.

Chief Chapman has attended 20 National Conventions. He has served as the FB&I Chairman both at the National Convention and on the Standing Committee for 8 straight years and is presently a member of the Finance Committee. He was instrumental in automating the FB&I Committee Report.

Chief Chapman served as National Treasurer 1992-1994.

Chief Chapman was instrumental in the procurement of a lap top computer for use by the National Secretary during the National Conventions making the minutes more readily available to the delegates.

Chief Chapman is a valued member of the Knights of Columbus (Council 11366) and holds the rank of Third Degree Knight. He served his Council as Chancellor in 1996 and was voted Knight of the Year for 1997 and Knight Family of the Year for 1997.

Chief Chapman constantly promotes the aims and goals of the USCG CPOA in the military as well as the civilian communities.

On 1 October 1997, with a quorum present at a regular scheduled meeting of Mobile Chapter, this resolution was read, debated and adopted by a unanimous vote.

The Gold Lifetime Membership for YNC Chapman was approved by the Board of Directors at the 30th Annual National Convention.